Our Services

SouthBay provides forecasts and analysis on a subscription basis.
Examples are provided below.
For other services, please contact SouthBay directly.


Labor Forecasting & trend analysis
  • Monthly NFP Forecast : A forecast is  provided around the 23rd of each  month.
  • Monthly Employment Report : A ‘deep dive’ report including the SouthBay data, analysis of that data, as well as comparison with other economic data points.
  • Weekly Jobless Claims Forecast.
  • Periodic analysis and commentary to ensure that clients have the most accurate perspectives on employment related issues.
Capital Goods Forecasting & trend analysis
  • Monthly Macro Report : Analysis of key production inputs – particularly semiconductors – to round out client understanding of US and global business / consumer / industrial trends.
  • Forecasts of major US industrial Production benchmarks including US GDP, US industrial Production, and US Durable Goods.
  • Periodic analysis and commentary to ensure that clients have the most accurate perspectives on semiconductor related issues as they inform the macroeconomic picture.
Retail Forecasting & trend analysis
  • Monthly forecast of US Retail Spending.
  • Monthly Index of US Vice spending based on SouthBay data.
  • Periodic analysis and commentary on vice spending trends (specifically US prostitution, drinking and gambling trends) as they inform retail and discretionary spending.
Global Capital Goods Forecasting & Trend analysis (EU, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China)
  • Monthly Index of EU Production based on SouthBay data.
  • Monthly Forecast of German Industrial Production & German Factory Orders.
  • Monthly Indices of Taiwanese, Korean & Japanese Industrial Production.
  • Periodic analysis and commentary.


S&P 500 Price Forecast
  • Monthly Forecast of S&P 500 ‘fair value’.
Weekly US Corporate Earnings Surprise Forecast
  • Conviction calls predicting revenue surprises at release (by company for most companies in the Russell 1000).
Monthly Market Sector Hiring Index
  • Monthly Index per sector of US public company hiring trends.
Monthly WTI Oil Futures Price Forecast
  • Monthly forecast of WTI forward contract price based on SouthBay trade data.